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Chimp Skate is proud to offer many of our skaters their first sponsorships and give back to the skating community


Mario Callner-DeRosa is a bum. No seriously I hate him. He is lazy as fuck, annoying to no end, a little hot, but mostly... sorry I got lost in his eyes. Fuck he's so hot. I want to sex him so good and make him feel things he has never felt before. Mario, if you're reading this, I love you and I'm pregnant. It's yours and I'm keeping it.

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Ja'lil Rosado hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is an extremely talented skater. He is one of our least talented and overall douchiest skaters. He hits the dab and the nay nay like no other. He doesn't really skate he just hangs out at the skate park, smoking weed and hitting on old women.

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Mario Callner-Derosa

Ja'lil Rosado


Atem Fontem is legally married to his long-time partner, and fellow Chimp Skater, Kevin Skelly. His throat goat abilities are unparalleled in the confines of this terrestrial planet (and frankly got me bustin just thinking about that gobbildy-gook). He has a penis, hair, two eyes, and one ball. His style sucks.

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Atem Fontem


Kevin Skelly, is by far and away, the biggest guy I know. He is about 7'5" and 90 lbs. He once sucked off Yuto Horigome in 3 minutes and swallowed. After this amazing feat, he was labeled Spitfire's "Ass Thrasher". He took a sweet facial for his ender in the Pornhub part which can be seen on Pornhub.

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Jace Wollschleager is a very talented poser. He almost landed his first ollie yesterday and I know he's so close. We are honored to have such an amazing actor with us on the team. You wouldn't even know he can't skate for shit. Congrats Jace!!!

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Kevin Skelly

Jace Wollschlager


Jonathin Zheng is the most wholesome one on our team. He is a bit of a straight edge though. One time I tricked him into taking salvia and he tripped the fuck out. I don't even know why lmao. like chill Jonny

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Jonathin Zheng

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