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  • How quickly will my order get here?
    We generally take 3-5 business days to process and prepare the order and then depending on your shipping choice, the order will be delivered in another 1-5 business days. If everything else is normal, it will be delivered in no more than 14 days. For signs, I send them out at one month intervals so at the longest it should take about 5 weeks. However, if there is a backup of orders, it may take longer. Feel free to email us if you are concerned about your order.
  • How are your shirts sized?
    They fit true to size and shrink minimally to create a perfect fit. Here is the sizing chart:
  • Where do you come up with this shit?
    I think of ideas when I poop. I poop A LOT. Not to brag but I have IBS.
  • Are you Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine?
    I'm Pro-Swag
  • Why?
    idk cuz i felt like it i guess
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