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On a cold October night in College Park, Maryland, Chimp Skate founder Asher Baum was face timing his friend Ellis D'Domenicus when they came across a shirt that they thought was funny but extremely overpriced. Baum decided to make their own shirts instead. This turned into a two-hour call that spawned four or five legendary designs that would later be featured in the first drop. 

However, it was not until the second or third call that the idea of a clothing brand was on the table. Baum started spitting out designs, and with the help of D'Domenicus' revisions, he had enough designs to release his first drop.


In a personal interview with Baum, he states, "Yo is this for that stupid fucking about section on the website??? For the last time, I don't care, I'm too busy having a lot of sex right now, get out!!" As you can see, Baum really cares about the brand and is the lifeblood of this whole operation.

Today, Chimp Skate is only on its way up. T-shirts were only the start and more merchandise along with more content is on its way.

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